6 Step Model

The EVOLVE Business Growth Programme is a six month accelerator programme; where you will receive coaching, mentoring, training and access to webinars to increase the, purpose, passion and profits in your business.

In response to the most common issues that are inhibiting success for women in Business, these six steps were painstakingly designed to offer very specialist and cohesive coaching and mastering support to help turn your expertise and knowledge into high-paying packages, products, and services.

Evolve Infographic Vision

Living Your Best Vision

Many of us have a vision of what our ideal business would look like.  However, vision without action will forever remain a daydream and vision without a plan, a stressful, expensive nightmare.  We work together to clarify your vision so you can remove the chaos, confusion and challenges that stop you successfully navigating your business for greater passion, prosperity and profits.  By the end of the session you will have a route map to help you create your ‘product’ funnel based on your vision. This will help to realistically accelerate the success and fulfilment you desire in your business.

Evolve Infographic Brand

Brand You and Shine!

If you are ready to move your business from the shadow to the spotlight it’s time to Brand You and Shine! As Chief Branding Officer of your business, it’s time to refocus your priorities and go back to basics if you want to experience a branding breakthrough that aligns to your greatest values and vision.  This structured, step by step approach will be led by the country’s leading branding transformational expert who will help you to create a compelling and authentic brand strategy that will catapult your business to superstar status.

Evolve Infographic Social Media

Getting the Best Out of Your Social Media Content and Platform

Social media has the potential to significantly change the way that you do business and positively impact your market if done correctly.  Your online presence reflects your company’s culture, mission, values, brand and goals and is the major responsibility of any savvy CEO to let people hear your “Your Story!”  Discover how to make your social media campaigns work best across multiple platforms so you stand out above the competition (noise) and reach your most profitable customers and stakeholders.

Evolve Infographic Press

Working More Effectively With The Press

Are you press ready?  If not, leading journalists share insider secrets to help you develop cutting edge media strategies to open up a new world of promotional opportunities where you enjoy increased publicity and exposure.  Not only will you skyrocket your business’s visibility you will attract your ideal client and keep them coming back; you will unleash your star ‘expert’ status as you increase your ‘big impact’ story!  By taking the time and making the effort to implement these ‘laws’ in your promotional campaigns it will be repaid a thousandfold!

Evolve Infographic Network

Networking for Success

It’s time to stop hiding behind your computer and stop under estimating the power of face to face networking on your bottom line.  Learn how to unlock your networking potential by overcoming your fears and doubts to strategically find, connect and create profitable partnerships.  Our award winning networking guru will share techniques, ideas and exercises to navigate through the barriers that prevent you from taking your networking strategy to stratospheric heights.  You will discover practical and pragmatic strategies to engage influencers and create evangelists so people are singing your praises when you are not in the room!

Evolve Infographic Wealth

Creating Your Wealthy Warrior Toolkit  

Are your beliefs about money stopping you from attracting the much needed finance and resources that will take your business to the next level? if you wish to thrive and survive and develop the richer; more successful version of you, you will have to install a financial mindset that allows you to think more positively and creatively to introduce multiple streams of income into your business.

You’ll hear from financial experts who will show you how to design your own financial formula to transform your business into your highest vision to attract funding, capital and investment.