It never fails to surprise me when I see a headshot picture for a corporate or business event, programme or promotional item and it is obviously taken at some wine bar, wedding or party. Ladies, you in a strapless dress with clunky “Joan Rivers” costume jewellery and obligatory glass of Prosecco in tow is just […]


If you haven’t considered a press release to promote your company, maybe it’s time to consider making better use of them. Why? Ever since the first press release was issued to newspapers in 1906, companies have increasingly used this popular medium to promote their products and services to the wider world. A press release is […]


If you are in the process or the early stages of setting up a business, turning your big idea in to a profitable and sustainable venture requires focus, dedication and a series of well thought out steps before you can either consider attracting funding from the banks. There is a lot of talk about having […]


If like me you are sick and tired of all the doom and gloom stories about continued austerity measures, public sector and welfare reforms then it’s time to start thinking about your Plan B. If you’ve never thought of starting a business or you’ve decided that it’s time to take a new direction, the first […]


Whatever stage you’re at with your business; whether you’re about to take your first step down Entrepreneur Avenue or have battled your way through the business world for many years, you will all share one important aspect. Vision. It’s a quality that is often overlooked and sometimes all too easily forgotten completely, but it’s crucial […]


How many times do you ask yourself “what is my purpose?” or “Where am I going?”

Well the only way you will find out what your purpose is, is if you set yourself some clear and measurable goals based on a compelling vision that you have for your business and life. At any time, any person or organization…


Our very first EVOLVE VIP session was held by the super successful Caroline Marsh who shared her inspirational journey to success. By the end of the session she clearly demonstrated what was possible if you had a strong personal belief to push through with your vision of success, no matter the curve balls that life […]


According to the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, in 2012, 20% of new businesses that were started failed within the first year and 50% won’t be around by 2015. Making the move from employment to self employment is a big step and can be quite scary. If you have made this move, well done […]


Whether you’relarge organisations, small business owner, solopreneur, entrepreneur or any other new term attached to your business venture, how do you know when you’re really in business? I had the opportunity recently to listen to Patrick M. Powers, founder of Entrepreneurs in London; he said “it’s like been in a pub and walking up to […]