EVOLVE events have been designed to help you strategically jumpstart your business; engage your clients and boost your income faster than if you did it alone. You will discover how to harness your passion; focus your purpose and catapult your profits through this proven Business Growth Programme.

So if you are ready to stop:-

  • Struggling to turn your idea into a viable business model?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and stuck?
  • Getting the wrong answers because you are asking the wrong questions?
  • Lacking clarity about the dynamics of business and your marketing strategy?
  • Resenting the demands made on you by your employees, customers, stakeholders etc?
  • Working too hard and making too little money?

Then find an event that suits your needs NOW!


Network or Bust!

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If you love business but:-

  • Tired of working in isolation?
  • Uncomfortable in business networking settings?
  • Looking to brainstorm your business idea?
  • Ready to unleash your business pitch?

Then don't miss this great opportunity to join the NBWN and NatWest Business Banking for a dynamic networking and advice session where we've changed the rules.

This month we are taking a leaf from the "speed dating" manual to present

EVOLVE: Network or Bust

Monday 20th April 2015 at

NatWest, Bishopsgate, London between 6:00pm - 8:30pm

This highly interactive session is adapted for aspiring and professionals looking for a fun, informal but decisive way to connect with liked minded entrepreneurs to build a top performing business. This is a great opportunity to network, inspire and build business relationships that last beyond the evening!

Hosted by Sonia Brown MBE and Nick Howe, Regional Enterprise Manager, NatWest this enriched booster session promises to bring together a diverse range of business owners to share their knowledge, skills and aspirations to bring mutual benefit.

The rules are simple.

You move methodically from one business prospect to the next, pitching your business and getting acquainted for just a few minutes at a time. At the end of the interaction, don't forget to exchange business cards to ensure the magic continues well after the event.

To sign up for this free event please register at

The EVOLVE Network or Bust business booster session provides a one stop solution for the time strapped micropreneur, homeworker, consultant and business owner looking to effectively communicate, negotiate and open up new ideas and approaches to expand their marketing, sales and digital knowledge.


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Get Ready to Unleash the Passion, Power and Profits in Your Business?

EVOLVE Business Booster Workshop Monday 1st September 2014, 5:30pm for 6:00pm prompt start – 8:30pm RBS NatWest, 250 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4AA

If you are ready to outsell, outmanoeuvre and knock the socks off your competition then it’s time to EVOLVE!

The EVOLVE Business Booster Workshop promises to bring fresh perspectives, time saving techniques and expert advice to help you avoid the expensive pitfalls of starting and growing your business. And there’s more.

Attendees will:-

  • Unlock their competitive edge
  • Create a compelling, authentic and valuable brand
  • Develop a profitable business model to support all areas of their business
  • Take control of their profit streams
  • Discover how to protect their online business from cyber criminals

Facilitated by Sonia Brown MBE and Nick Howe, Enterprise Manager, NatWest; this powerful workshop provides unlimited opportunities for individual learning; with laser focused content plus access to profit generating insights and ideas on how to attract and keep your top paying customers! Extra bonus presentation by Julie McArdle, NatWest to raise awareness of the costly dangers of cybercrime, whilst providing inexpensive protection tips and strategies to avoid online fraud, security breaches and virus infections.

The EVOLVE Business Booster Workshop is aimed at micro and solopreneurs; homeworkers; consultants; coaches and aspiring business owners looking for pragmatic and practical solutions to address their most pressing strategic and tactical business challenges.

As you can see, this is going to be an inspirational, interactive and informative session that promises to take the guess work out of generating greater sales through your marketing activities.

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EVOLVE Mastermind Roundtable


The Mastermind Roundtable focuses on critical components of your business to help you strategically jumpstart your performance; engage your clients and boost your sales faster than if you did it alone. You will discover how to harness your passion; focus your purpose and catapult your profits and proficiency through this proven Business Growth Programme.

As well as practical information and powerful solutions for business growth based on my respected formula for success, participants will have exclusive access to VIP guests and banking professionals during this awesome Mastermind Roundtable session.

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9th June 2014, Birmingham
14th July 2014, Birmingham
1st September 2014, London
3rd November 2014, London

EVOLVE Business Growth Programme


If you are still feeling stuck in a rut and considering throwing in the towel because you are not seeing the results you want with your business, then I believe it’s time to start working with Sonia Brown MBE and her VIP guests.

Sonia will help you to leverage your natural skills and experience to attain your business goals and overcome every obstacle that stands in your way of achieving financial freedom.

The EVOLVE Business Growth Programme is designed to show you what's possible in your business but the real work starts once you commit to the programme. This transformational business growth programme is a structured step by step goal getting process for success.

If you are serious about becoming more successful, rather than simply reading about the EVOLVE Programme ACT NOW!

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