Why Evolve?

If you are ready to see different results in your business, it’s time to stop following in the footsteps of other overworked, overwhelmed, and undervalued entrepreneurs.  This is why this programme is not another ‘feel good’ scheme, but a sure-fire blueprint for helping you to take control and grow your business. 

The EVOLVE Business Growth Programme gives you the information you need to get direction around your business path so you can start pulling in the income you need NOW!  By working together to clear away the clutter and confusion, it will become easier to remove the struggle and stumbling blocks that steal your potential and golden opportunities.  Sonia has been doing this long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. And if these strategies have helped her to create a successful lifestyle business, then they can help work for you too!

Over the years, Sonia has truly enjoyed making a difference to the lives of female entrepreneurs through her Networks, mentoring, coaching and training workshops.  This business growth programmes gives her an incredible opportunity to work on a personal level with you to share proven, simple and fun productivity strategies to propel you forward and upwards like never before.

So, if you are tired of working too hard for too little, are ready and motivated, inspired and committed to ending struggle in your business, then I urge you to embrace this phenomenal opportunity to tap into your own inner success mechanism to boost your business performance and profits.

 “I speak to entrepreneurs every day and they constantly bemoan the myriad and complexity of business systems and models on the market place today.  They are frustrated with the time consuming and expensive process of translating the jargon and figuring out which processes are right for their business. This doesn’t have to be your reality.  Yes, this is a transformational programme but its focus is entirely on YOU!”

Says Sonia


Whether you are already successful or looking to upgrade or create a new business, this programme is not for the faint hearted.  The EVOLVE Business Programme is aimed at the passionate, committed, savvy small business owner; solopreneur; consultant, coach or corporate professional who is thinking about taking that leap of faith or taking a new direction in their business.

Don’t worry if you are based in an organisation because this essential business programme is great for the professional who is about to kick-start a major project; launch a new product and/or service and needs to break the cycle of stress and struggle.

The EVOLVE Business Growth Programme is not based on gimmicks; fluff or fancy jargon. It’s an exciting and dynamic step by step accelerator programme aimed at people who need a pragmatic, integrated and creative approach to growing their business and staying ahead of the game.

This is the perfect system for ambitious and committed professionals and entrepreneurs who want to connect and work within a small group of ambitious, go-getters who want to build relationships AND get things done! This is why we are limiting the number of participants to be accepted into the programme and acceptance will be by application only!

Benefits of Participating

Don’t be a passive observer in the world of business

If you are serious about making the shift to transform your business by joining this amazing programme you will benefit from a system that Sonia has successfully used for over a decade in her own businesses and networks

Throughout the programme you will be able to:

  • Breakthrough the barriers that have prevented you from succeeding at the highest level.
  • Increase your personal and business skills, experience and confidence.
  • Work SMARTer to GROW your business.
  • Avoid time consuming pitfalls and costly mistakes.
  • Develop laser sharp focus business and personal skills.
  • Embrace productive habits that maximise results and propel you toward the business life you want.
  • Be part of and share the experience and skills of your group members.
  • Get honest feedback, advice and brainstorming.

There’s no doubt about it, once you make the decision to totally commit to the EVOLVE Business Growth Programme you will be given all the tools, techniques and a six step blueprint to fast forward your business success and growth.

Get Ready to Supercharge Your Business

Don’t gamble with your success and dismiss this sure-fire programme that is in a class of its own.  The Evolve Business Growth Programme provides you with the chance to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors and achieve breakthrough performance in your personal and business life

Working with Sonia over a six month period you will have access to an unmatched arsenal of useful ideas and practical solutions to help you overcome your most difficult business challenges and roadblocks.   With limited spaces available, participants will work up close and personal to build trust, respect and a higher degree of focus in a stimulating and empowering environment.  You will gain fresh perspectives; vital insights and expert advice to open up new channels of information and cutting edge business techniques and strategies to better understand the dynamics that support greater business growth and profitability.

By being part of this acclaimed programme, we will work towards attracting more abundance, wealth, happiness and success to your life.

And that’s not all…..

Not only will Sonia share practical information and powerful solutions for business growth based on her respected formula for success, have you heard the saying ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know!’

By being part of this powerful business programme you will have exclusive access to VIP guests and her high profile contacts.   What is the benefit?  It’s like having influential “friends in high places!’  Friends, who are willing to work with you to structure your business, support your goals and more importantly, hold you accountable to surpass the success and financial freedom you feel is possible.

Sonia says:

“I am excited to share the steps I used to turn my business around, on this inspiringly successful mastermind, coaching and mentoring programme with you. Within a short space of time you will have access to new knowledge and insights that will help you to overcome the setbacks, distractions and challenges that stop you from unleashing your incredible creativity in your business.  Learning’s on this programme will help to banish the last remnant of procrastination from your being as you discover how to achieve all your dreams and desires… even the ones that seem unreachable right now.

I am dedicated to assisting you to increase the prosperity in your life by tapping into your creativity, insight and achievement.  You no longer have to feel as if you are destined to fail because I can assure you struggle is 100% optional.  The phenomenal tools that I share with you will help you to focus and create an authentic and genuine strategy for your version of success at lightning speed. “