Work With Sonia

Sonia Brown MBE is a Business Communicator and expert in Diversity and Networking. Sonia has gained a celebrated and renowned reputation in the business and corporate world and has been held in high regard by her peers for over a decade.

Sonia  has become renowned as an empowering voice for women in business. She enjoys a large following from entrepreneurs who are impressed with the way she has helped them fine tune their skills to accomplish growth in their business with her success building marketing systems and structures.  These powerful strategies have helped them to stand out from the crowd and take their business to the next level.

She has received daily requests from women who have read her inspirational articles and newspaper columns; heard her interviews and seen her presentations but want more reinforcement, encouragement, insights and follow up from her to jumpstart their ‘stagnate’ business processes and models.

So, tired of seeing the same traditional programmes on the market and the mediocre results that they produce, Sonia has carefully crafted a brand new programme to keep aspiring and established business owners organised, focused, and on track to accomplish their ideal business goals.

This groundbreaking programme will help to remove the fear, stagnation and challenges that stop women from succeeding whilst bringing more authenticity, integrity, creativity into your business.

Her reputation for success speaks for itself and this programme was developed by Sonia based on her extensive experience mentoring, teaching and advocating on behalf of women led businesses. With her warm, thought provoking but no nonsense personality combined with her innovative success building strategies this programme is guaranteed to unlock your creative edge and transform your business.

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