“I cannot thank you enough! I am really seeing results. If I continue this way, there is NO DOUBT that 2013 is gonna be great.”

Suzy, Property Landlord

 “Growth is the key word, what was initially a hobby has grown into a business beyond my expectation, in such a short space of time. I am living Sonia’s mantra “Bigger, better Bolder”.

Angela, Magazine Owner

 ‘Evolve has reignited my passion to succeed and made success tangible for me. Within a few weeks I had already recuperated a third of the cost of the programme’.

Carol, Career Transition Coach

 “EVOLVE does what it says on the tin, I feel myself moving away from the procrastination, the sluggish excuses when a door shuts and I feel I don’t know how to open it, to the vast opportunities which is mine for the taking amongst business owners like never before. “

Jacalyn, Skin Care Specialist

 “If there is something stopping you succeeding, the Evolve program will make you face your fear and deal with it”.

Michael G Quain Artist

Sonia is a passionate no-nonsense women, who tells you exactly like it is. She has a solution-focused approach, that is exceptionally helpful when you feel there are limited opportunities for growth. Sonia’s hyper-sensitive eye is not only attuned to the issues that hinder women’s success, most importantly, she is acutely aware of how unconscious cultural baggage impedes and limits progress.

Keeley Taverner, Founder Key 4 Change